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"For millions of people across the world, Sundays are a day of religious worship. Similarly, hash makers, cannabis growers, activists, and patients of the plant gather on the internet to listen, share stories, and indulge in the world of cannabis resins. Hosted by Marc “BCBubbleman” Richardson, the ever-growing group of rotating panelists on Hash Church is highlighted by people across the world who have dedicated their lives and careers to cannabinoids, cannabis, and hash.

How Hash Church Began
The show began on September 28th, 2014 with Bubbleman and a cast of other enthusiasts who saw the link through social networks, talked cannabis while smoking hash together -- virtually. Since then, Hash Church has usually taken place on Sunday’s at 9am PST on Youtube.com/BCBubbleMan with the same ideas still implemented. As we’ve seen the show advance over time, a more regular group of panelists have joined the show. This exchange of knowledge is rooted in a Facebook group that helps the panel find new topics to discuss in the next episode, and to address community member's questions, almost like a hash support group."

Read the full article on potguide.com

"Hash Church: Sunday Service Is in With the Legends of Extraction"
Content from The Dank Duchess, a writer based in Oakland, California.
Full article is here: https://cannabisnow.com/hash-church/

"Initially envisioned as a gathering of like-minded cannabis connoisseurs, Hash Church has grown to be a global phenomenon, capable of dragging even the most lethargic late sleeper out of the bed for the 9 a.m. start time every single Sunday. By watching Hash Church you’ll get a free college-level education in cannabis extraction, and come away with unforgettable stories.

For 99 (now over 155!) straight weeks, Marcus Bubbleman Richardson, respected hashmaker/grower and creator of Bubblebags, and his panel of regulars and special guests have (...) regaled their virtual audience with familiar stories and less widely known tales of cannabis exploration, battles against prohibition, and the struggle to maintain the sanctity of the cannabis community.
Guests have spanned from Dr. Lester Grinspoon, highly regarded associate professor emeritus of psychiatry at Harvard Medical School and noted cannabis author, to Kyle Kushman, award-winning organic and veganic cultivator. Viewers delight in taking notes from well-known hashmakers like Nikka T, Cuban Grower, and the hash queen herself, Mila Jansen. The regular panelists include Tony Verzura, director and CTO of United Cannabis Corp; Todd McCormick, cannabis activist and esteemed author; Dr. Mark Scialdone, founder of BetterChem Consulting Inc. and renowned chemist, and Étienne Fontán, director of Berkley Patients Group.
Bubbleman talks to the panelists and guests, and quotes the fast-paced, no-holds barred, chat room. The online gatherings last anywhere from 17 minutes to over four hours, hundreds of people around the world watch live to exchange ideas and ask questions that benefit us all.
Hash Church is a vital open forum that takes advantage of our available technology and through virtual means and creates a real sense of place and connection for cannabis aficionados. Hash is not the only topic, but like resin, keeps us glued together on our journey to educate the masses of the wide benefits of cannabis to our lives and society as a whole."

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