How to Make Full Melt Dry Sift Herbal Extract with the Bubble Box

The incredible three screen bubble box is amazing in use and in appearance!

(For the time being, these have been discontinued. We hope to be in a position to produce them again in the future. Email us if you'd like to be notified when we get them in stock again:

For fans of dry sift herbal extract, the Bubble Box offers 3 layers of filtration in an elegant, locking rosewood box. You will not be disappointed.

This box is the only one of its kind, with three screens for maximum filtration. A true form of full melt clear dome essence. You can achieve the famous full melt dry sift as easy as 1. 2. 3. with this box.

Screen sizes:
-140 micron
-107 micron
-70 micron

Bubble Box Dimensions: 9" x 9" x 4.5 "

  1. Here is your wonderful Bubble Box, resplendent in its elegant rosewood veneer. Upon first inspection, you will notice that your Bubble Box is hand crafted using the finest Australian white pine. The fittings are plated in 24 karat gold, and the screen sizes are clearly marked on each of the three screens.
  2. Upon opening your Bubble Box, you will be greeted by Bubbleman, who is smiling benevolently upon you as you take on the task of harvesting the valuable tricomes from your favorite plant. You will want to break up your plant matter onto the first screen, the 120 LPI /140 Micron screen, as shown in the photo.
  3. Here is a close up of your plant, after carefully broken it up on the 120 LPI / 140 Micron screen. We prefer to break up the plant with a pepper grinder, but doing it with your fingers or with a knife will work just as well.
  4. With a business card or the small wooden wedge that was included with your Bubble Box, scrape the plant material back and forth over the first screen. This scraping action causes the precious tricomes to become separated from the plant matter and fall through the first screen onto the one below it. Use a gentle wiping action, and be sure that you do not puncture or rip the screen material by applying too much pressure.
  5. After a few scrapes of the first screen, you can lift it off and away, which exposes the next layer. This layer is a 140 LPI / 107 Micron screen. As you can see in the photo, had a pretty good harvest from the small amount of plant that we initially broke up. Your yield will depend on the quality of the plant that you are using. If you feel that there isn.t enough on the 140 LPI / 107 micron screen, put the first screen back into the box and continue scraping your plant matter across the screen for a bit longer.
  6. Repeat the scraping process on the 140 LPI/ 107 Micron screen. The first layer of screen separated the tricomes from the larger pieces of the plant; the second screen will allow you to pull out any remaining small pieces of plant that may have fallen through.
  7. As this image shows, most of the separated tricomes have fallen through the second screen after scraping them across the screen, leaving the smaller pieces of plant matter behind.
  8. The third and final screen is where your harvested tricomes remain. This screen is a 200 LPI / 70 Micron screen, comparable in size to our infamous Gold bag in our Bubblebag kits. This screen filters out contaminants and impurities from your final product.
  9. Once again, you have to scrape the tricomes across the third and final screen. This will allow you to have the purest end product that the Bubble Box can offer you.
  10. This little pile of tricomes is what been waiting for. After a few good passes with the included poly card, you can be sure that you have sifted out most of the contaminant from your end product.
  11. If you lift out the third screen, you can see the residue that has passed through the screen and settled on the black acetate plate at the bottom of your Bubble Box.
  12. This is a close-up of all the beautiful little ltricomes resting on the third screen. Your end product should look like this.
  13. With the included poly card, you can now collect the fruits of your labor from the third screen and get ready to enjoy your final product.
  14. If used high quality plant material, you will find that the Bubble Box will give you something that is melty and good, complete with a bubbly clear dome.

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