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Bubble Now L20: Large 220 micron Zipper Wash Bag (BNL20B)

Bubble Now L20: Large 220 micron Zipper Wash Bag (BNL20B)

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Bubble Now L20:  Large 220 micron Zipper Wash Bag

Bubble Now L20 Wash Bag. Replacement bag for the Bubble Now L20 machine, for use with our 20/32 Gallon Bubble Bag sets.

Made entirely of our top quality precision heat pressed German monofilament polyester screen, exact within 1 micron.

This bag was developed by Bubble Man after rigorous testing of several different designs. The cylindrical shape is easy to use and fits inside our 20/32 gallon Bubble Now L20 machine perfectly to allow for ice & water to flow through your plant material.

This bag is designed for use with our Bubble Now L20 gallon machine and our 20/32 Gallon Bubble Bags.

Dimensions (seam to seam)

  • 38cm high x 34cm wide
  • 15" high x 13.5" wide

*Estimated use 30 to 50 washes or 15-30  in industrial use.

Alternatively, you could use 2 of the smaller 5 gallon bags, available in original version.

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  • 5 stars all the way.

    These are the best extraction bag you can buy. Only reason I’m buying new bags is because of mice, go figure... my fault.

    - Jason S., Michigan -

  • Well worth the extra money!

    I bought the 4 bag 5 gallon set 12 years ago, still going strong today.
    - Ken W, Colorado -

  • Perfect little set of bags...

    ... for my personal home extraction. Worth it for top quality bags!
    - Sean M, California -

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