How to Make Rose Essence Extract with Bubble Bags™

A few years ago my father had a contact in Peru that had an incredible amount of roses. Grown organically we figured it would be a good idea to see if the Bubble Bags could extract the rose essence. We had both heard you could get 20,000 US$ per gallon of rose essential oils, and those were extracted in a way that breached the heads into an oil. With water extraction we could extract the heads intact. My father contacted his friend in Peru and they shipped us a large box of rose heads.

Here is the work that we did that day.

  1. Started with a few dozen rose heads. Not to many, as i just wanted to do a light run and see how affective it would be

  2. Did a 4 minute run with the cake mixer on low/med

  3. Settled for fifteen minutes

  4. Then pull the 220u blue work bag

  5. Then we pull the green 190u bag

  6. Then the 160u red bag

  7. Next we pull the orange 120u bag

  8. Then the yellow 73u bag

  9. Followed by the white 45u bag

  10. Finally the 25u purple bag

  11. Here are the samples we pulled from the bags

I ended up with a very little amount of dry product, but it defintily was essential oil of rose . I vaporzed some and it was absolutely incredible. Very potent and flavorful. The rose taste in my throat persisted for some time after vaping.

Hope you guys enjoyed the show, remember there are many plants you can run thru your bubble bags, you may be surprised to see what you can produce

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