Marcus "Bubbleman" Richardson

In 1999 Canadian cannabis enthusiast Marcus Richardson also know as 'The Bubbleman", developed a safe, compact portable trichome extraction kit called Bubble Bags.

Bubble Bags are series of nested fabric bags with filter screens on the bottom designed to isolate the different grades of trichome heads. As a result Bubble Bags became a very popular method of producing extracts, using only ice and water instead of chemicals. Championed by the medicinal use community, the extract became known as 'bubble'.

Richardson a native of Manitoba was a pioneer in the cannabis movement helping with others to start a business called Hemp Seeds Unlimited in 1994. They imported seeds from the Ukraine and planted an experimental crop in the following year, and then planted Canada's 2nd legal hemp crop in 1996. Marcus was involved behind the scenes with British Columbia's first marijuana dispensary.

Since then, Bubble Bags and his other ventures have grown from vapour bars, raw food restaurant, terpene and extract businesses both in Canada and abroad. He is widely regarded as a champion in the continued research and development of varied processes for both the medicinal and recreational cannabis communities. Richardson, a dedicated family man, is an accomplished photographer and his social media presence is huge with weekly Sunday 'Hash Church' episodes, Youtube's Bubbleman's World, 'Wake and Bake' broadcasts and many appearances in various trade show, news and media outlets, as an expert and industry personality.  Richardson lives in a picturesque community just outside of Vancouver, BC, Canada with his wife Charlene, his high school sweetheart, and  their 3 children.

(Photo by Black Paw.)

History & current projects

Marcus “ Bubbleman “ Richardson has been an entrepreneur and a hemp activist since 1993. His fields of experience span from industrial hemp cultivation to cannabis macro photography and advanced medical cannabis extraction methods.

In 1995, Health Canada granted his license for the first legal hemp field in Manitoba, in over 73 years. Marcus’ first goal was to change the licensing rhetoric from “experimental” to “commercial,” encouraging industry and the profits that come with it.

Marcus left Manitoba for British Columbia in 1996 in order to grow cannabis for the British Columbia Compassion Club Society, which provides cannabis and natural therapies to patients whose ailments would otherwise be difficult to live with. In 1998, he was affiliated with Consolidated Growers and Processors, Inc., which pioneered the hemp phytoremediation project to decontaminate soil in the Chernobyl region of Ukraine. Industrial hemp growing has since reduced the toxicity of the soil considerably.

In 1999, Marcus established FreshHeadies, Ltd., and the "Bubbleman" was born, which helped popularize the water method for extracting cannabis, creating the first three-bag multitasking filtration kit as well as the first 4, 5, 6, 7 and 8 bag kits. The bags, known as Bubble Bags, gently extract the glandular trichome heads of the cannabis plant, which contains the highest concentration of THC. Currently, Fresh Headies, Ltd., produces the world’s first and only eight-bag water extraction kits.

Marcus’ life-long interest in photography, medical cannabis benefits, and hemp cultivation led him to begin cannabis macro photography in 2008. National Geographic has purchased several of his cannabis trichome pieces, and other magazines followed. Most recently, his work has appeared on the cover of Frank151, an internationally recognized media company based in New York City. Through his trichome photography, Marcus learned about the endocannabinoid system and its positive, preventative effects on the human body.

Over the years, Marcus’ pioneering products and writing have been featured in magazines including Cannabis Culture, Red Eye, Weed World, High Times, and Heads. He has been an educational speaker at countless conferences and events, including Vancouver’s Greenrush Financial Conference on May 7th, 2014.

Marcus’ intense interest in the medicinal value of cannabis has grown exponentially through his study of glandular trichomes, and he continues to educate others on the merits of efficiently extracting cannabinoids through dry sifting and water methods. In 2013, he began growing cannabis legally for his own medicinal needs, focusing solely on the extraction of medicines from the plant.

In 2014 Marcus began work with his research and development company in Jamaica to study the effects of different cannabis strains on various human ailments for the betterment of the medical field in general. The focus of the research isn on analysis and the study of cannabinoid profiles of specific strains bred by the Ucann/CRD team.

In 2017 the horizons are huge for the Bubbleman with a worldwide branding of his full melt hash brand, processing facilities in three countries for washing the resin with his branded, dry sift and wet wash methods. 

Magazine, online articles & interviews

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